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July 13, 2013


Haven't updated too much for a while. Work and actually having a Social Life eats up a lot of internet time, not really a bad thing. Getting accustomed to my job. Good pay, great hours, and I like most of my coworkers. It's the most physically demanding job I've ever done and this triple digit Summer's been Hell. On the upside of things. I got employee of the month for my shift and I've lost 65 pounds.  I do have some pieces I've been meaning to finish and upload. I'll try working on that ASAP.

Asking a favor now. My sister's been writing this blog in an attempt to find help for her son, my beloved Nephew, Patrick (Paddy) He's had a lot of bad luck in regards to health issues and getting desperately needed help. Please read at your convenience and if possible re-post the link in places where people who might be able help can see it.

On the lighter side of things. I loved Pacific Rim so hard. The movie was a beautiful love letter/tribute to the Mecha and Kaiju genres from Guillermo Del-Toro. Still can't believe Grownups 2 is winning at the Box-Office. Philistines. 

Also been watching some new shows from the Summer Anime season. 
Genshiken The Second Generation is going to be the big one for me. The fact that it's the continuation of one of my Top 10 series ever will probably work both for and against it. But I'm liking most of the new characters, and it's good that the old faces show up, too.

Dog and Scissors is pretty funny. I look forward to the inevitable fanart of the main girl fighting Senjōgahara from Bakemonogatari in a battle of school supplies. Will watch as things develop.

Gifu Dodo!! Kanetsugu and Keiji: Are you supposed to be able to follow this? Because I'm really having issues following this one.

Will cave in to peer pressure and give Free: Swim Club some latitude. But, Dear God! The Manservice!

Season 3 of The World God Only Knows is starting off strong. Just as funny as before. Wish they'd done more OVA's instead of just skipping a bunch of Arcs, though. 

il sole penetra le illusioni ~ Day Break Illusion: Enough Lolicons and Lolitas fighting the supernatural to send a Disgaea fan to heaven and back. I am not impressed. 

Servant x Service: A pretty standard slice of life, although doing one with adults, and working as Civil Servants no less is a fairly interesting twist. Needs more good jokes per episode if I'm to get hooked.

Sunday Without God: God gives up on humanity and people can no longer have babies or die and move on unless people called "Gravekeepers" bury them. Enter a little girl forced into a crappy destiny and forced to be the Woobie in a broken and crappy universe.

WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It's You Guys Fault I'm Not Popular!: Might be my top comedy pick for the season. A young lady with hilariously terrible social skills attempts to learn how to make friends and get a guy. Her brother acts as an awesome straight-man. 

Gatchaman Crowds: Sentais fight aliens in a world where the aesthetics are equal parts Katanagatari and Magical Girl Madoka. Cast of cliche archetypes.

Since I finished Valvre and Garagntia and a couple others. I am now looking to last season's Majestic Prince for a Mecha fix.
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LOL! Manservice!
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